Celebration:  Worship Sunday mornings at 10 am at Berwick, 1700 Comox Ave, Comox, (usually Holy Communion).

Jannice and Cynthia
Tom and Cynthia Preparing Christmas Shoeboxes

Sending out Clare and Cal Farnell to Thailand

Larry setting up the PA system

Sunday Eucharist

Betty getting music ready.

Serving the community: 

We believe in putting Jesus’ teaching into action in practical ways.
COOL members participate in or support a multiplicity of local charities, volunteer projects and outreach ministries as well as other projects in Canada and beyond:
Africa Community Technical Services ( Comox-based NGO with projects in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania)

Mountain Valley Mission, Squamish
Grace Life Ministries in India

St Joseph’s Hospital medical staff and Board
Order of St Luke
Society of St Athanasius
Habitat for Humanity

Sonshine Lunch Club soup kitchen
Transplant Society
Community Care Network
Sudanese refugee education at the Found School.

Mary-Jean and Neil in Cairo